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Arabian Tech - Honey Comb Doors

Honey Comb Doors


  1. Economical
  2. Impact resistant
  3. Interior or exterior usage
  4. Standard 45mm thick leaf
  5. Standard 45mm thick leaf hexa cells for maximum strength, Rigidity and flatness
  6. 18-gauge steel standard.
  7. (16-gauge or 14-gauge steel optional.)
  8. (G90 galvanized steel optional.)
  9. Rust inhibitive prime coat
  10. 18-gauge top and bottom inverted channels
  11. Spot welded to face sheets.
  12. Continuously welded vertical - edges (seamless) standard 1˝ Honeycomb cells permanently bonded to both face sheets. Impact resistance - 45 PSI crushing strength of honeycomb Fire
  13. Label Available
Hardware Reinforcements
  1. 4.5mm for Hinges
  2. 3mm for Locks
  3. 2mm for Closers